An Author Revealed

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You know often I am asked, “Who are you really?” As if my identity is a secret. I don’t share my image because it doesn’t relate to my books.  I write about love, sex, and strong connections between men.  Recently I had someone question whether I was actually a woman….I doubt this is a unique situation in regard to authors.  So, who am I?  I write these fabulous books, these beautiful characters.  I love my readers and their support. They make me a better author, a better person, and provide infinite inspiration.  Who questioned my person? Well, let’s just say he was someone with a tear, and he believed I was not the person I am.  This woman you see is Draven unmasked.  Oh, and a hot man below because who doesn’t love those?! Plus for the readers who love Club Syn (and all my other wicked readers).  You’ll meet this man.   This is a future character I’m working with.  He is beautiful, flawed, and captivating. mg_0125_by_beepictures-d5wwz40


Hello A.S. 

One thought on “An Author Revealed

  1. I’m sorry this happened! Any of your readers that have been following you would know that you are exactly who and what you say you are. How terribly sad for this person who questioned you to have so little faith or trust. **HUGS**

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