Secrets of a Cam-Model

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Jaren was a bit broken, a lot lonely and totally lost, that is until he came across Dany. A cam model, who couldn’t be further away from what he needed, but who Jaren was finding hard to live without. With an ocean between them, Jaren struggles to find the faith to trust in the man he is falling for. A man he has never touched.

Dany is just trying to make a living, struggling day-to-day to get ends to meet. His job as a cam model keeps a roof over his head, but just barely. Bored, jaded and more than a little guarded he starts talking to a funny adorable nerd who frequents his room. The man brings laughter to his world, caring, and even genuine desire. The stirring of emotions creates a bond that is addictive, one Dany fears is love.

A mixture of yearning, lust, and jealousy ensues as their virtual lives intertwine with reality. When Jaren falls ill, Dany is left with one difficult choice; should he come to the aid of the man he loves, or let the chance of a lifetime slip through his fingers.



            “Dude, this guy is wearing the fall line of Victoria’s secret and a ball gag,” Jaren yelled. “For fucks sake, what portal of hell did you open on my computer?”

The laptop screen before him was filled with live cam feeds and his gaze flicked from room to room, each room pushing him into celibacy.

‘Oh dear god’ He physically winced when a rather large middle aged man wearing a diaper appeared. The most shocking was that there were at least forty-five viewers watching the show.

The images before him had all the blood from his cock rushing to his brain in protest. “Seriously, Luca,” he shouted.

The man in question literally flounced into the room. He wore nothing but a pair of boyshorts. His slender, smooth bronzed body, and glittering blue eyes held all the mischief of an evil demon, capped off with red streaked black hair. “Oh, D. You are soooo vanilla.” Luca plopped on the bed next to him, resting his head on Jaren’s shoulder to get a better view.

“I need a hot poker to gouge my eyes, and bleach for my brain to get rid of the mental image of you doing any of this. I’ll proudly sport the chastity belt.” Jaren’s brow furrowed as a room with a giant, like baby arm, dildo came into view. The man was slathering the monster up with Crisco, not lube, just baking supplies and a lot of effort. “No, just no.” He went to close the laptop but Luca stopped him.

“You always look to the negative,” Luca snarked and pointed at various cams that had basic men jacking off. All the guys looked like the every day average man from a bar. Some a bit too young and some way too old for Jaren’s taste. Many looked mid fake orgasm. “There are some cute guys on here and unlike porn, you can actually chat with them.”

Luca bumped his shoulder against Jaren’s and chuckled a bit manically.

“Man, is this what you do when you’re locked up in your room? Because this is not my version of a good time.” Jaren tried again to close the computer, but Luca held it open.

“Fuck, man, don’t be such a prude. Let’s find someone for you to at least talk to.” Luca squinted at the screen, his mouth pursed. “Hmmm. Nope. Nada. Never. Maybe for me.”

Closing his eyes Jaren rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes to block out some of the more disturbing images. There was nothing wrong with porn, hell he’d watched his share, but this blew his mind and not in a good way.

Luca smacked his leg. “I found one!”

Jaren opened one eye, fearful of what would light up his screen and was surprised to find startling blue eyes staring back at him. For a moment his breath froze in his lungs. Those eyes, even from a distance, even with an ocean of words not yet said, held a weariness that Jaren couldn’t begin to fathom.

Matched with the unnatural color of the man’s eyes was long black hair, the palest skin he had ever seen, and lips that were pressed into a firm line. Although he imagined they would be beautiful if curved into a smile. His face was all sharp angles. In a word, he was beautiful.


JDmoon: what porn are you watching today? J

Dany: the same…i almost don’t watch it…with you…

JDmoon: i might be sad if I miss out on the end of your show…damn token limit…but either way…I love you, sweetness…

Dany: how much time you have?

Dany: i love you too

JDmoon: like 8 minutes…hehe

Dany: umm….i’ll try  J

JDmoon: like a challenge…interesting… 😉

Dany: hahahahaha

JDmoon: ‘ now in the masturbation challenge, we have Dany…who is working to a 8 minute orgasm’!


JDmoon: ‘can he do it? let’s watch’…


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