Sexy Holiday Snippet


For Mica, there was nothing better than starting the day watching Grey saunter shirtless around the kitchen, preparing him breakfast. Grey’s only clothes were a pair of sweats that hung so low on his hips Mica couldn’t help but be amazed they didn’t slide off. Hell, that was what he anticipated happening. Such an event would truly be the beginning of a merry Christmas. Mica sat on a stool next to the island at the center of the room to continue his ogling.

“Stop objectifying me,” Grey said before looking over his shoulder and smiling.

“You like it,” Mica teased. The muscles of Grey’s back flexed each time he reached for a spice or stirred the eggs. His hair was wet from his shower and glistened with shades of gold and cinnamon in the overhead lighting.

“I may like it, but you need to eat, and then I have to work. If you’re lucky, when your double shift is over, I’ll entertain those dirty thoughts I know you’re having.”

“Oh, now that’s promising. How about we compromise for the moment? Drop your pants and bring on the food.” Mica leered comically at him. Grey’s face became an adorable shade of pink. He loved that even now Grey had his shy moments. There were so many things Grey did that made his life more complete, both at home and at work, because he was lucky enough to work and play with his lover. He’d met Grey when he’d made the best decision of his life and transferred over to Firehouse Six.

It also didn’t hurt that the man was a fantastic cook. He pivoted to stir the scrambled eggs, and Mica moved to stand behind him. With a deep inhale he breathed in the intoxicating, spicy scent that always clung to Grey, and nuzzled his face against Grey’s neck. He wrapped his arms around him, tracing his fingers along Grey’s abdomen before pulling Grey fully back against him.

“Are you sure you can’t fit me in before breakfast?” Mica whispered and nipped his ear playfully.

~ Above is an excerpt from Fire and Mistletoe, Firehouse Six, book 2. Available NOW! 🙂

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Sexy Saturday Snippet


Merek trailed his hand lower, and Jace arched into the gentle touch. The man was doing his best to destroy Jace’s control, and it was so tempting to catapult to the carnal command.

“Just one word, Jace, and I’ll give you everything.”

Merek leisurely traced his fingertips down Jace’s naked chest, along the hard muscles of his stomach, and stopped at the waist of Jace’s low-riding jeans. Jace curved into the touch. Desperate for Merek to go lower.

“Submit to me.”


~ Above is an excerpt from Scent of a Wolf, Pack of Light, book 1. Available NOW!  🙂


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Snarkology Halloween Hop!!


What is Halloween about if not, the costumes that people wear? In, The Closer I Get, my upcoming release, co-authored with LL Dahlin, the two characters spend their lives pretending to be something they’re not. Brayden pretends to be a playboy, who struts the runway in the hottest clothes, and Croix presents himself as the perfect straight son to keep the peace in his world, which is rapidly falling apart.


The two are unlikely friends, but even beneath their masks, they can’t hide from the emotions that are drawing them together, in spite of those who seek to rip them apart.Below is an excerpt from their story to tease the senses before you hop onto the next fun blog… ( That is no doubt filled with more treats.

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Happy Halloween!!


“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a man? To be with me?”

Croix jerked back, his eyes wide with shock, but what surprised Brayden was the desire in their depths. “I’m not having this conversation with you right now.” Croix opened the door.

“Why not?” Brayden’s alcohol induced haze pushed him to the brink of bravery and right into the well of insanity. The questions and cravings he’d had for his friend for so long rose to the surface.

“You’re drunk,” Croix muttered, shoving him into the car.

“Not so drunk I don’t know what I want,” Brayden admitted for the first time out loud. Later he could blame the alcohol, but right now, in this moment, it was surreal. Croix actually looked at him with fire in his eyes; there was lust there, or Brayden was delusional. He closed his eye, murmuring, “Not that it will ever happen.”

The door slammed, and the other opened, followed by another loud bang. He could swear he could feel Croix’s warmth across the console seeping into his skin. The scent of leather and Croix’s spicy, musky cologne filled the small space.

Could a man die from blue balls?

He dug his fingers into his thighs to keep from reaching for Croix.

He’d never considered himself one for torture, but this seemed pretty damn close. They couldn’t get back to his apartment fast enough. This was not how he’d seen his night going—mindless sex with a stranger after getting drunk enough that he could forget for just a second that the man he loved would never be in love with him. That was how it was supposed to go.

But no, he was in the car with said man, not nearly drunk enough and now he’d be having sex with himself.

God, my life sucks.

The dead silence wasn’t promising for his friendship either. The purring of the engine stopped, and Brayden breathed a sigh of relief; he could go lick his wounds in private now. With porn and lube.

Opening his eyes, he saw Croix’s apartment building, not his. “What are we doing here?” Brayden looked at Croix, whose brow was furrowed.

Croix nibbled his bottom lip and replied in a husky voice. “You came out tonight for a reason.”

“Yes,” Brayden whispered, afraid to burst whatever fantasy bubble he’d entered, because unlike before, Croix was sober. “What about it?”

Croix leaned closer, his hand covered Brayden’s thigh, warm and firm. “I can fulfill it. At least…” Croix ducked his head, a flush rising up his cheekbones. “I can try.”




Love Giveaway


Every year my family goes out on my sister’s birthday to walk around downtown to give away money to homeless individuals in need to honor my sister’s memory. She would have been 37 today. I dedicated Lost in the Fire to her:
To my sister, Elisa Joy, who was a beautiful and phenomenal person who fought addiction. She may have lost the battle, but those who remember her hold memories of a kind woman who changed many lives for the better and was an amazing friend.
To honor that dedication and the beauty of sharing I will be giving away books on my blog. It will be readers’ choice on the e-book you wish to have, please come comment and let me know what you love. The giveaway will run through the weekend. Also a percentage of my royalties (everyday, not just today) of Lost in the Fire will be donated to the local LGBTQ Youth Community. Joy and happiness to everyone on this day~ Draven.

Blurb: Lost in the Fire

        Aaron Evans embodies every complication Wren Tucker knows he doesn’t need. The tempting go-go dancer refuses to leave him alone and his attempts to get into Wren’s bunker pants don’t stop at the club–even the walls of the Firehouse aren’t safe. Wren’s control is only so strong, and his desire for Aaron is turning into a clawing need that’s digging through the many reasons keeping Aaron at bay.

Aaron is two cold showers away from hypothermia if the hot fireman of his dreams won’t give in to the lust he sees blazing in Wren’s eyes. The only issue is, Wren is a forever man, and Aaron doesn’t have that in him to give, not with so many secrets locked behind the glitter and gold of his beautiful world.

As Wren begins to cave to Aaron’s delicious demands, he gets a deeper view of the tarnished landscape Aaron exists in. A murky pit of drug addiction that’s slowly dragging Aaron under, and Wren is going to have to fight like hell to save Aaron from it, to even have a chance at a new beginning with the man who brought him out of the shadows.


      A hoodie two or three sizes too big covered his upper body. The hood concealed the majority of his face. All Wren could make out was the man’s lower jaw and the way he was biting into his lower lip.

“Hello,” Wren said uncertainly. “Umm…”

The guy’s shoulders rose and fell on a deep breath as he twisted his hands together in front of him. Something familiar about him tickled the back of Wren’s brain. The way he fidgeted, maybe? Who did he remind him of?

“Do you need something?” The silence was a bit unnerving, and Wren wasn’t going to slam the door on the guy, but still.

With trembling hands, the guy pushed his hood back. Soft, silky black locks with dark blue tips, no longer red, fell in disarray around Aaron’s face. Shocked, Wren clutched the door frame to keep from reaching out to him. Aaron’s eyes were downcast, but Wren could see he wore no makeup. Never in all the time he’d known Aaron had he seen the man so unadorned.

“Aaron?” Wren didn’t know what to say beyond that. The last time they’d talked, things had ended so badly, and now here he stood.

Aaron chose that moment to gaze at him. His beautiful eyes shimmered. “I need help,” he whispered before his face crumpled, and tears tracked down his cheeks.

Wren’s chest constricted painfully and he drew Aaron into his arms, tucking him close, resting his chin on Aaron’s head.

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Weekend Writing Warriors



“Please, don’t leave me.”

Bastian’s heart ached at the desperate expression on the man’s face.

“Gavin, start it up. I’m staying in,” Bastian ordered and knew even as he said the words he would get his ass chewed out. Remaining in the vehicle was against protocol. The crew couldn’t be sure what the car would do when put under the pressure of being separated. It might crush in and Bastian could be injured as well. But he couldn’t make himself go.

Cooper’s eyes bored into his, filled with terror. Bastian reached out with his other hand and traced along Cooper’s cheekbone. “Just keep looking at me.”

~ Above is an excerpt from a WIP from a spin off of the Firehouse Six series. This is Bastian’s story. 🙂



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Sexy Saturday Sneak Peek



Brayden held out his hand gesturing next to him. A shy smile curved Croix’s lips as he walked to the bed crawling on the mattress, Croix’s gaze no longer focused on his face, but seemed to be locked on his body.

“You keep looking at me like you’re going to devour me and this won’t last long.” Brayden flipped, shoving Croix on his back, and hovering over him. “Besides as much as I’d like to feel your full lips wrapped around me. I have other plans.”

“What might those be?” Croix traced his thumb along Brayden’s jaw, and he tilted his head into the caress.

“To be inside you,” Brayden whispered in a raw voice.  He brushed his lips over Croix’s. “To get as close to you as possible.”

He slid his hands along Croix’s body, mapping out the contours he’d only briefly been allowed to touch. Desire roared in his system, so intoxicating it put any alcohol induced euphoria to shame.

Croix dug his fingers into his shoulders, spreading his legs like an invitation for Brayden to move closer. Brayden smiled against his lips and shimmied down.

“No fair,” Croix complained. “You’ve already had your turn.”

~ Above is an excerpt from, The Closer I Get (Picture Perfect, book 1), a book by Draven St. James and LL Dahlin.

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Sexy Saturday Flashback


Aspen tugged Garren away from the bar and out into the throng of gyrating bodies. The lights on the dance floor flashed, creating a strobe-like effect. The smell of sweat and men permeated the area. When things got this hot, Garren always felt as though everyone was on the precipice of breaking out into an orgy.

“You can’t chicken out on me now.” Aspen maneuvered through the crowd to the center of the dancers and whirled to face Garren.

Garren stared. Damn, beautiful. Aspen’s green eyes flickered with each flare of light. An unreadable emotion colored them.

“This is a bad idea,” Garren murmured as he trailed his hands down to Aspen’s hips and jerked him close. “A very bad idea.”

“I’m not on the clock.” Aspen looped his arms around Garren’s neck and pressed his face against the warm crook. Jostling dancers shoved him until Aspen’s entire body was plastered against his. Garren clutched Aspen, doing a slow grind to the bass beneath the tempo.

“It’s just a dance,” Aspen whispered.

Garren knew nothing with Aspen would be simple.

~ Flashback from Covert Delivery, by Draven St. James, Available NOW!!

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