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“Maybe,” Deacon, drew the word out, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Taber’s body filled with warmth simply being in the man’s presence and he flashed to prior jobs and events they’d worked together. “How did I not see you?” he murmured, tucking a lock of Deacon’s hair behind his ear, brushing his thumb along his jawline and across his full bottom lip.

Deacon’s expression became serious. “I could say the same thing.”

He pressed his lips to Deacon’s tasting coffee and sweet vanilla creamer. Framing his face he thrust his tongue, taking the kiss deeper. Deacon clutched his shoulders, holding him in place as if Taber wanted to get away.

~Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire, book four in the Firehouse Six series. :)


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Sensual Saturday Snippet


“Sean?” Liam whispered, his voice laden with uncertainty.

Sean cupped the side of Liam’s face and traced his thumb across the lips he so badly wanted to explore with his own. The heated flick of a tongue against the pad of his thumb broke his resolve, and he leaned in until a breath of space remained between them.

Cory’s voice shattered the moment. “Liam, if you’re done playing hide the water snake with Beta Sean, we need to go do that work thing.

Sean fought between wanting to strangle Cory for interrupting and thanking him for stopping what could have potentially been a huge mistake.

~Above is an excerpt from Wolf’s Sacrifice, the second book in the Scent of a Wolf series. The picture is my inspiration for Sean. :)


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Spooktacular Blog Hop

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Halloween is about so many different things. Now for me, it is a dark, sexy, time of year, dipped in chocolate, illuminated by candle light and filled with paranormal tales. I thought I’d share a tasty treat of an excerpt since you’ve knocked upon my blog’s door. Just slip into the sensual words below from Scent of a Wolf and enjoy this wicked weekend.



Merek pinned Jace’s wrists to the ground. The man loomed close, his muscular frame pressing against Jace’s so he touched all the right spots. Jace squirmed in a halfhearted effort to get free even as his body screamed at him to yield to the pleasure that Merek could provide.

Merek leaned down to whisper, “You’re always so damned difficult.”

The moon shone down, filtering through the webwork of trees that canopied their nocturnal wicked activities. In the pale silver light, he could see Merek’s face. It was composed of sharp angles, a prominent nose, chiseled jaw, and a sensual mouth. That mouth never failed to make Jace’s cock twitch. Merek’s face was almost always partially shaded by the long locks of black hair that flowed down to touch his broad shoulders. Hair so dark it refracted light in shades of blue—an eerie color reflected in his eyes. They were the palest blue Jace had ever seen. The eyes of a wolf, and he growled like one too.

Letting the primitive nature of their wolves loose in the magnificent embrace of the wilderness was instinctive. The smell of damp grass and pine trees wafted around them. But beneath that scent was Merek’s—rich, primal, and addictive.

Jace strove to stop his grin as he bucked his hips in an attempt to get Merek off him. The man was too strong for his own good. The move only resulted in Merek chuckling and adjusting to hold both of Jace’s wrists in one hand. The other he used to lightly caress Jace’s cheek and jawline. Merek brushed his thumb over Jace’s bottom lip, causing a shudder to flow through Jace. He knew just what those hands were capable of.

No matter how hard he fought himself, he couldn’t help but tilt his neck into the soft touch. Merek gave him a sensual smile.

Jace tried to twist away again, to get the upper hand, but to no avail. Merek trailed his hand lower, and Jace arched into the gentle touch. The man was doing his best to destroy Jace’s control, and it was so tempting to catapult to the carnal command.

“Just one word, Jace, and I’ll give you everything.”

Merek leisurely traced his fingertips down Jace’s naked chest, along the hard muscles of his stomach, and stopped at the waist of Jace’s low-riding jeans. Jace curved into the touch. Desperate for Merek to go lower.

“Submit to me.”

* * * *

Jace Shaw sat up sharply in bed. The image of sweat-slicked bodies and the sound of throaty growls saturated his mind. The sex-laden dreams had his heart pounding with lust and his cock pulsing with raw need. Rampant desire raged through him so intensely he could barely catch his breath.

All because of some hot mountain of a man whose wolf seemed determined to dominate him. He could easily overpower Jace. He was more muscled and towered over Jace’s five-eleven frame by at least half a foot, and that was in human form. Yet Jace had never been intimidated by or afraid of him. It was through their dreams he had eventually found out the man’s name was Merek.

Every one-night stand he had to assuage the fire Merek inspired failed miserably. All the men had lacked in some way. He had tried to drown his sexual appetite in men who mirrored the man he wanted so badly to fuck. He’d screwed men from the East Coast to the West Coast, but not one of them had lasted more than the a few hours he’d rented the hotel room for. None of them tempted the wild nature of his wolf. At the end of the night, he was left with the sick feeling he had in some way betrayed Merek.

Merek hadn’t always been so rough and hard. They had grown and matured together over the years. Merek’s dark features had developed into granite lines. His body had become sculpted muscles built by hard work. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that the interaction had become two-sided. Before, it had always been as though Jace were a ghost on the sidelines…watching.

Merek hadn’t shown any sign he even knew Jace existed, with one exception. Merek stopped cutting his hair the day Jace’s parents were killed. The day Jace’s safe world came crashing down. The moment when he had been forced to grow up, learn how to survive, and how to fight those who would continue to hunt what remained of his family. That had been his new reality.

But now, despite the fear and insecurity that followed him, there wasn’t a night when he didn’t end up tangled in sweaty sheets with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous playing opposite him in some Kama Sutra porn marathon.


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Sexy Saturday Snippet


Sweat slicked their skin and he could only imagine the mess they’d made on the floor.

“Stop thinking,” Deacon muttered. “Orgasms should never be followed by deep meaningful discussions. Too many displaced chemicals.”

He shook his head and bit back a laugh still trying to catch his breath. “Is that right?”

“Sure, let’s go with it.”

~Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire, book four in the Firehouse Six series. :)


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Weekend Writing Warriors


Sean Inspiration Above

            Sean glanced at Liam, who now sat on the couch. His hair a tangled mess, but it only served to make the man look more desirable. He wanted to strip naked and experience the mind blowing connection again. That was something he craved but for how long would fate allow him to have it?

He traced his fingertip along Liam’s jaw, so strong and determined to be independent. “I hope that’s not the only time you let me in your world.”

Liam ducked his head with a grin on his face. “Is that what they call it now?”

~Above is an excerpt from Wolf’s Sacrifice, book two in the Pack of Light series. It is the sequel to Scent of a Wolf. :)


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Sultry Saturday Excerpt


“Hey, you’re moving your hands in the wrong direction,” he teased in a husky voice.

A tremulous smile curved Liam’s lips. “Really?” He walked his fingers up Sean’s thighs. “You’re sure?”

“You keep going and you’ll feel exactly how sure I am,” he growled, grasping the arms of the chair again. For now, he needed to let Liam run the show…he was so screwed.

~Above is an excerpt from Wolf’s Sacrifice, book two in the Pack of Light series. It is the sequel to Scent of a Wolf. :)


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Mix Up Some Romance Blog Hop!!

Mix Up Some Romance

Happy Friday! On a hop that is all about mixing up the romance I knew I had to pick an excerpt from one of my books that involved a little baking, even if it was a bit on the messy side. The little snippet below is cut from Driven by Fire which is the fourth book in the Firehouse Six series. In the scene a specific baked good is mentioned and I’ve included a link to that recipe if anyone is curious as to what exactly it is.  :)  Enjoy!!


The oven door slammed and his gaze shot up to Deacon who turned with a bright smile on his face. “In fifteen minutes I will dazzle your taste buds. I’ve never been more happy that someone had powdered sugar. A Dutch baby would never be the same without it. Syrup does not do it justice.”

“You’re making me a kind of pancake covered in powdered sugar?”

“Don’t sound like that,” Deacon exclaimed his eyes wide and mesmerizing in their different shades. “It’s amazing.”

“If I can trust you sleeping in a room next to mine. I guess I can trust your culinary skills.”

“That’s the spirit. I think.” Deacon clutched a bag of powdered sugar to his chest. “Speaking of food. The guys are having a BBQ this weekend and we’ve been invited.”

“Oh?” His jaw clenched. He hadn’t been to a social gathering since the fire. There was a piece of him that jumped at the chance to see his friends and another that dreaded the looks of sympathy that were always cast his way.

“I think it would be fun. I know your mom and sister are going.” Deacon tugged at the plastic, which stretched but refused to tear.

“Is that your way of saying I have no choice?” His family went to all of the Firehouse Six functions to support the department. But the way Deacon’s eyes pleaded with him over the bag he was currently trying to rip open with his teeth broke down Taber’s defenses.

“Fine, but I don’t want to stay too long.” The words came out petulant. He could only talk about his injury for so long before he wanted to scream. I’m more than just my legs. Damnit.

“Yippy. Simon is going to be so—” The bag gave way and tore completely in half. Sugar flew everywhere, but mostly managed to cover Deacon who had taken the brunt of the explosion. “Holy shit.”

He roared with laughter as Deacon dropped the bag to the floor and made a futile attempt to dust the powder from his chest, but the fine layer stuck, stubborn.

“You’re not helping,” Deacon growled, throwing his arms wide to illustrate his predicament. “You could at least not laugh like a maniac.”

He attempted to temper his humor but couldn’t stop the wide grin that had taken residence on his face.

Deacon rolled his eyes. “I thought I needed a little sun before,” he muttered.

“Do you just shake off over the pancake?” Taber teased, unable to help himself. For the first time in months he felt…normal. “Is this part of the recipe?”

Deacon assessed him through a narrow gaze. “You…”

Deacon gave him one more glare before whirling to check on the dutch baby. When he shifted back to face Taber a light sprinkling of sugar fluttered to the floor. Deacon’s lips twitched before a smile replaced his frown.

“It’s a little funny.” Deacon pointed a finger at him. “Not as funny as you’re making it out to be, but still.” Deacon made a foot print in the layer that covered the floor. “What do you think the five second rule is for powdered sugar? It’s fluffy.”

As though considering it seriously Deacon brought his hand to his mouth and traced his tongue along the tip of his finger. All the humor fled from Taber’s brain as quickly as it had come.

Deacon sucked on the tip and further down as if he sought every bit of the sweet substance. Taber drew in a loud breath when his body responded to the very vivid image of Deacon using that wicked mouth on him.

Deacon glanced up and his eyes widened when they met with Taber’s. His hand fell away and he licked what remained of the sweet confection off his lips.

The loud buzz of the oven shattered the moment.

-Excerpt from Driven by Fire. Below is the link to the recipe.  Also, you can find excerpts, blurbs and links for all the other Firehouse Six books on my page. :)

Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/dutch-babies-ii/


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