Sexy Shifter Saturday


As if sensing his discomfort Liam reached out to him, his hand grazed Sean’s aching shaft. His whole body tensed. Sean trapped Liam’s hand at a safer location, mid-thigh.

“Oh?” Liam’s brow rose and his mouth dropped open.

“I—” Sean searched for something to say. This was twice now in a handful of days he’d found himself in this situation.

“Because of me or the book?” Liam asked in a quiet voice.

Shocked at the insecure words Sean gazed at Liam’s delicious form. Every inch from the waist up exposed to his hungry gaze. His wolf growled within and demanded control. Mind taking a backseat to the intense need coursing through him, he pushed the blanket off Liam. Revealing a body he desperately wanted to explore.

A soft inhale caught his attention and he peered at Liam’s face, his bottom lip trembled and he tugged at the hand beneath Sean’s. Without thinking of the consequences Sean laced their fingers together, locking Liam in place before lowering himself over the smaller man. The heated brand of Liam’s hard cock pressing against him had Sean’s dick throbbing in response.

He rested his forehead to Liam’s, their lips nearly touching and whispered, “You do this to me.” He nuzzled his cheek against Liam’s.

–Above is an excerpt from Liam’s Sacrifice, the second book in the Pack of Light series.  :)



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Liam’s Sacrifice Excerpt….

Sean leaned against the tiled wall and slide down to his ass, the heated water pelting his skin. Each drop erased a caress, a touch, a moment when Liam had pressed so close not a breath had existed between them. He tunneled his hands through his hair and let loose a sound that was more animal than human.
Falling forward onto his knees he felt buried beneath the weight of his grief. Why wasn’t Liam his mate? Why did he feel this? His hands fisted and jaw tightened to hold back the pain threatening to erupt from inside him. He should never have touched Liam, now he knew why. Fate may not have brought them together as mates, but Sean’s soul burned to be next to Liam. Now every moment away from Liam was an icy shard of pain.
Salt wet his lips and Sean’s body shook with agony. Liam was meant to be his mate. How could fate be so cruel as to take that from him?

- This from a WIP from my Shifter Series the sequel to Scent of a Wolf.


Taste the Rainbow Blog Hop!!


I was inspired to put together this blog hop to honor the LGBT Community. As an author in the M/M genre I have felt very welcomed by fellow writers, authors and of course readers. As a way of thanking those who follow my blog and enjoy my Firehouse Six books, I’ve included an excerpt from the fourth Firehouse Six book: Driven by Fire. Leave a comment about what inspires you and you’ll be entered in a giveaway to win a 25 dollar Amazon gift card!


Deacon traced a finger across the cheekbone of the man in his drawing. Taber was a very attractive man.

“I mean with gay guys popping out of your group like daisies, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taber batted for team taste the rainbow,” Cole continued on.

Deacon laughed and it received a glare from the raven haired Amazon of a teacher who instructed them.

“I don’t want to taste anything on Taber,” Deacon growled in a hushed voice.

“If you say so,” Cole responded in sing song fashion.

Deacon glanced over just as Cole turned his page to face the model. The man checked out Cole’s invitation and a smile transformed the sensual pout of the model’s lips. He nodded.

“Well, I have a date tonight.” Cole hurriedly flipped the page.

Deacon shook his head at Cole’s antics. Deacon had known men like Cole since he’d begun dating at sixteen. As a whole, Cole was a really great guy, he just had an aversion to monogamy, but Cole didn’t lie about it. Cole was always up front about what he could contribute to a relationship. Deacon respected at least that much.

“Maybe now that you’ve dropped the ball and chain you should come out with me.” Cole bumped his shoulder to Deacon’s. “A little grind to shake loose the remnants of your ex.”

Deacon smirked. “I’ll think about it, but for now I want to get things settled in with Taber.”

“I’ll accept that excuse for the moment.” Cole proceeded to draw another stick figure with horns and a tail.

“Why exactly are you taking this class?” Deacon asked with a raised brow.

Cole gestured toward the model. “Umm…hello.”

Deacon shook his head. “You are incorrigible.”

A loud, exaggerated throat clearing cut into their conversation and Deacon glanced into the narrowed gaze of Professor Wilson.

“Stop distracting me,” Deacon muttered.

Cole snickered but returned to constructing a very graphic depiction of two stick figures getting it on while the third evil one held a whip.



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The Equal Rights Blog Hop


The theme of this Hop is “Your First experience in the LGBT Community”.  My very first experience with the LGBT Community happened when I was in high school and I attended my first gay rights function. Granted as a Freshman who had just moved to a bigger city from small town America I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon walking around and chatting with others who were attending I felt welcomed. Gay rights was the central focus and the overall feeling of the gathering was joyful and supportive. I made many friends that day and my eyes were opened to a new reality. I love being a part of the LGBT Community and I especially adore the wonderful LGBT writing community who have welcomed me with open arms. So, my first experience was a positive one. I hope in my life that I can help welcome people into the LGBT Community with the same warmth and acceptance that was given to me.

I’ve shared my story with you, but there are so many more…so hop along to check out the other blogs by clicking the link below. ALSO, don’t forget to enter into the BIG giveaway! Just follow the same link below for a list of the amazing prizes and to get to the rafflecopter! To enter my giveaway, just leave a comment about what you love about the LGBT Community. I’ll be giving away a ten dollar Amazon gift card. :)


Sensual Sunday Breakfast Fun!

“Yippy. Simon is going to be so—” The bag gave way and ripped completely in half. Powdered Sugar flew everywhere, but mostly managed to cover Deacon who had taken the brunt of the explosion. “Holy shit.”

Taber roared with laughter as Deacon dropped the bag to the floor and made a futile attempt to dust the powder from his chest, but the fine layer was stubborn.

“You are not helping,” Deacon growled, throwing his arms wide to illustrate his predicament. “You could at least not laugh like a maniac.”

Taber attempted to temper his humor but couldn’t stop the wide grin that had taken residence on his face.

Deacon rolled his eyes. “I thought I needed a little sun before,” he muttered.

“Do you just shake off over the pancake?” Taber teased, unable to help himself. For the first time in months he felt…normal. “Is this part of the recipe?”

The above is from a WIP, Driven by Fire, which is the fourth book in the Firehouse Six Series. Leave a comment (on the blog) with what you think Deacon’s once sentence verbal response to Taber’s question would be and if I get twenty or more comments….I’ll post the rest of the scene. ;)



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Fire Up Your Wednesday!

He’d completely gone off the rails and lost control. The proof of that was still warm and relaxed beneath his body. He stared down at the dark curls of Simon’s hair and the freckle-like birthmark that dotted Simon’s nape.

The above snippet is from Fused by Fire, the third book in the Firehouse Six series. :)


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Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop


I’m all about the Summer Lovin’!  Granted, my idea of summer Lovin’ generally looks more like the images below. ;)




My writing universe revolves around the amazing love between two men. I enjoy creating the strength and contrasting vulnerability that bring my men to life. My newest book, Fused by Fire, is the third in the Firehouse Six series. There are many fantastic, real, raw, and wonderful men who I tried hard to give to the readers within the pages. Keep scrolling and you’ll find not just a sexy excerpt to heat up your Friday, but also links to generous giveaways on many more blogs. :)

DSJ_fused by Fire


           Simon knocked on his door. “Hey, all done out here. Want to come check my skills? We can play sexy maid and naughty boss.”

Michael bit back a groan, shocked by the words. He’d really love to do that. Did the man know how much his offer tortured him? When did Simon become an overt flirt?

With a fortifying breath, he opened the door and stopped short. Simon stood directly in front of him with a mischievous smile on his face.

“I found something.” Simon nibbled on his lush bottom lip.

Michael racked his brain for what Simon might have discovered that would warrant such a teasing expression.

Simon’s lips curved into a huge grin as he produced a half-empty bottle of lube from behind his back.

“Shit,” Michael muttered.

“Yeah, I was vacuuming out the couch cushions, and imagine my surprise.” Simon arched a brow. “Did you buy this at a wholesale supermarket?”

Michael’s face heated. Not because Simon had his lube, but because the last couple of times he’d used it, images of Simon in the firehouse showers had slipped unbidden into his thoughts.

He reached out to grab it, but Simon held it away from him.

“Tsk-tsk. Now, where do you hide your…material?” Simon brushed past Michael and into the bedroom.

Michael watched from the doorway as Simon rummaged through the drawers on both nightstands before coming away with a strip of condoms.

“Oh.” Simon’s face fell. He glanced from the bed to Michael, and his face reddened. With a loudly exhaled breath, he moved past Michael and walked back out into the living room. Michael followed along, only to be brought up short when Simon turned to dangle the condoms in front of Michael. “I guess you don’t need any additional inspiration.”

Michael finally managed to shake himself out of his frozen state. He snatched the condoms and lube away and tossed them on the couch. Simon just kept pushing and pushing, burrowing his way into all the crevices of Michael’s life.

Michael stepped forward and grabbed Simon by his shoulders. “Why are you really here?” he snarled.

“Because you’ve locked yourself away?” Simon whispered and gazed at him with eyes filled with concern.

That look stabbed into Michael. “And you care why?”

“Because…” Simon shrugged, dislodging Michael’s hold, and then cupped Michael’s face with a trembling hand. “What happened wasn’t your fault, and you needed someone to come and shove that truth into your face.”

“You picked the short straw?” Michael hated that Simon’s hand on his cheek brought him more comfort than anything else had. Just like at the hospital.

Simon shook his head, and his gaze fell to Michael’s lips. His hand came down to brush against the edge of Michael’s bottom lip. A pink flush rose along Simon’s cheeks.

Michael felt that innocent touch like a jolt through his body. He tilted Simon’s face up, and the sensual invitation in his eyes shocked and inflamed him.

He didn’t have the energy to fight against what he wanted, and right now that was Simon. With a groan of defeat, he smashed his lips to Simon’s and took the sweet oblivion that Simon offered. Simon melted into him, and a shudder worked its way through Michael’s body. Michael grasped the backs of Simon’s thighs and jerked until Simon jumped up and wrapped his legs around Michael’s waist.

Brief astonishment that they were really kissing filtered through Michael’s head as he stumbled back to sit on the couch. He traced his tongue along Simon’s bottom lip and thrust inside.

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