Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six-book 4)!

Out March 24th

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Taber Delane is lucky be alive, but his career as a firefighter ended the day a beam snapped resulting in a crushing spinal injury. Most of his friends are willing to give him space, everyone except paramedic, Deacon Hall.
Deacon hasn’t met a challenge he couldn’t tackle and he knows Taber needs someone in his corner who isn’t afraid to stand up to the big bad fireman. The longer he’s around Taber, the more the sexy vulnerability of the man comes through. Deacon finds he doesn’t just want to be Taber’s live in caregiver, he wants a chance at the passionate man beneath the stubborn shell.
A shell that is cracking, no matter what Taber tries to hold it together. Without knowing how, Deacon being in his home starts to open his eyes to the man Deacon hides from the rest of the world and Taber craves to know more. A lot more.
Now if only Deacon can get Taber to see that it isn’t so bad having him there to assist. Even if sometimes Taber is naked, dripping wet, and angry as hell.

Out March 24th!!!


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Covers by Dar Albert/Fanart by Karrie Jax

Weekend Writing Warriors


Deacon could envision every stroke and smudge it would take to replicate the moment on paper.

Taber nuzzled his pillow. A soft sigh accompanied the action, and Deacon’s heart clenched at the innocent movement. He found himself tempted to wake Taber so the hard-ass he was accustomed to would emerge to erase the vulnerable man he saw now. The man he had seen glimpses of earlier during their conversation. The same man who had looked at him with anguished sadness and fear in his eyes. A look he quickly concealed behind a mask of macho indifference.

As Deacon backed out of the room, one question ran through his head on a loop: Who is the real Taber?

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six book #4) release date March 24th!


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Steamy Sexy Saturday


Sweat slicked their skin, and he could only imagine the mess they had made on the floor.

“Stop thinking,” Deacon muttered. “Orgasms should never be followed by deep, meaningful discussions. Too many displaced chemicals.”

Taber shook his head and held in a laugh, still trying to catch his breath. “Is that right?”

“Sure, let’s go with it.”

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six book #4) out March 24th!!


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Weekend Writing Warriors


“You’re not giving me a sponge bath,” Taber snapped and glowered at Deacon as he wheeled himself into the locker bay. The sweat ran down his temples, his shirt soaked through with it. He took in his motionless legs and grimaced before shooting Deacon another irritated look.

Deacon sat with his feet on one of the peeling dark blue benches, his back reclined against a bank of gray lockers along the far wall in the physical therapy building. A book was balanced on his knees, and black-rimmed glasses perched on his nose. His shaggy auburn hair fell to curl around his ears in disarray.

Deacon peered at him with pale green eyes. “There go my dreams of rubbing you down and tweeting the pics.”

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six book #4) release date March 24th!



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Sexy Saturday at Firehouse Six!


Deacon assessed him through a narrow gaze. “You…” He gave him one more glare before whirling to check on the Dutch baby. When he shifted to face Taber, a light sprinkling of sugar fluttered to the floor. Deacon’s lips twitched before a smile replaced his frown.

“It’s a little funny.” Deacon pointed a finger at him. “Not as funny as you’re making it out to be, but still.” He made a footprint in the layer that covered the floor. “What do you think the five-second rule is for powdered sugar? It’s fluffy.”

As if considering it seriously, he brought his hand to his mouth and traced his tongue along the tip of his finger. All the humor fled from Taber’s body as quickly as it’d come.

Deacon sucked on the tip and farther down, as if he sought every bit of the sweet substance. Taber drew in a loud breath when his body responded to the vivid image of Deacon using that wicked mouth on him. Compound that with the visual he still had of Deacon using the toys he’d seen in the man’s room…

Deacon peered up, and his eyes widened when they met with Taber’s. Deacon’s hand fell away, and he licked what remained of the sweet confection off his plush lower lip.

The loud buzz of the oven shattered the fantasy. Taber clutched the wheels of his chair and whirled, making his way out of the room. “I need to go get dressed. Just set a piece of the pancake on a plate. I’ll heat it when I’m done getting ready.”

He stared straight ahead, refusing to look in Deacon’s direction. Whatever had happened was beyond strange. If it hadn’t been happening to him, he would have sworn it was a porno. Cue the cheesy music, followed by sucking, licking, and ending in a fuck in the shower.

~ Above is an excerpt from Driven by Fire (Firehouse Six book #4) out March 24th!!



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Wolf’s Sacrifice: Excerpt and Giveaway!!



           Sean Maddox has one basic goal: to protect the Northwest Pack. That priority helps him stay grounded—until the day the pack rescues Liam. Suddenly Sean is finding any excuse to be around the sweet, blind shifter. But trying to focus his thoughts on keeping Liam safe and not exploring the whole laundry list of carnal fantasies he’s been having is anything but grounding. It doesn’t help that Sean’s wolf makes it damn clear it believes Liam belongs to him.

From the first deep breath of Sean Maddox’s intoxicating scent, all Liam wants to do is strip naked for the sexy beta and let the wolf claim him. Hiding away his desires seems like the best plan, given after a lifetime in captivity Liam is just learning what it means to be free. What does he know about being a mate? More to the point, would Sean even want him if he knew the truth?

As Sean and Liam struggle with their growing craving for each other an old enemy steps out of the shadows. With secrets lurking and fate twisting two worlds together a sacrifice must be made, but can the two mates live with the consequences?


           While he was certain Liam didn’t intend for it to be a sensual strip tease, Sean’s mind drifted in that direction anyway. Birds sang and the wind bellowed, while Liam’s hands danced over the contours of his body.

“I can feel you staring at me,” Liam accused, although amusement colored his words. The levity kept him from turning away and giving Liam privacy.

“I’m just standing here,” he replied in a low rough voice. Standing there envisioning someplace much more private so he could do wicked things he shouldn’t be considering.

“Uh huh.” Liam shrugged his shirt from his shoulders and Sean bit his lip to keep his groan at bay. Screw the water, he wanted to press the man to the ground and lick him from head to toe.

Facing him directly as though Liam could actually see him, Liam toed of his shoes and shimmied out of his pants. He did manage to keep on a snug pair of black boxer briefs Sean had taken him shopping to get.

Deep breathes. Deep breathes.

“No more than this,” Liam said with a stubborn twist to his lips. The words effectively jerked him into the present. “I may not be able to see you looking at me, but I can feel it.”

“Oh?” His curiosity peaked at that admission, but he left the statement alone, for now. Deep within he wanted to know everyone about Liam, but didn’t want to push so hard the man locked him out. The last thing he needed was for Liam to know how much he wanted him to remove that last scrap of clothing.

“Well?” Liam held his hand out. “I need some direction here.”

Sean grinned and closed the distanced between them. He laced their fingers together and directed Liam toward the edge of the water. “The rocks are a bit slippery, so be careful.”

He waded into the chilly water and towed Liam in after him, not surprised when the man gasped, “Shit, that’s cold. Are you sure we should be doing this?”

“I swim here every morning. Your body will adjust.”

“Or you’re crazy,” Liam muttered under his breath. “It’ll adjust when hypothermia sets in.”

He chuckled and carefully turned away from the lake so he could direct Liam out into the water. “Come on. Today I won’t throw you into the deep. It will be about getting you comfortable with the water.”

“Define comfortable? You’ll leave me in here until I’m too numb to climb out?”

“No, smartass,” Sean responded with a snort. “It’s about you feeling the stones under your feet and the slight current along your body.”

Liam’s face crinkled into a looked of disgust. “It feels gross down there.”

“There is moss covering the floor of the lake. I promise it isn’t anything that is going to come out and grab you.” Sean brushed his thumb over Liam’s hand in reassuring gesture. “I’ll protect you.”

“Somehow that sounded condescending.”

“I know this lake like the back of my hand. I’ve been swimming here since I was a boy. I probably can map out about every rock.”

The chill from the water was a relief from the heat the sight of Liam’s nearly naked form inspired. The man’s pale body reflected off the surface of the water, his narrow waist, and slim toned torso. The fall of his hair danced around his shoulders from the soft breeze that blew across the lake. His brow furrowed in concentration.

Sean had never taken anyone to the lake with him. He considered it a private place, one he now shared with the puzzling man before him. A man who he wanted to unraveled to reveal all his secrets and protect him from any harm that may still be lurking in the shadows. Now if Liam weren’t so damn stubborn.

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First Love Blog Tour with Andrew Q. Gordon.

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Thanks for hosting me, Draven.

First Love has its origin in what was basically one sentence in The Last Grand Master. At one point Farrell tells Prince Peter of Belsport in passing about his first love. It was ten years before the opening of The Last Grand Master and Farrell’s mother—Queen Zenora—and teacher—Heminaltose—were still alive.

Farrell is naturally the most fleshed out character in the series. The story is through his eyes. But what of the secondary characters? I kid you not, the Champion of the Gods series is well over 2 million words long. Much of that is filler and background that I wrote to flesh out the story that will never see the light of a Kindle. Writing it, however, made it easier to write the entire story.

There are a number of characters who have an impact on the story, but whom we never meet. Meglar is one of those. Although we will meet him at some point in the story—I can’t even imagine the hate mail I’d get if I tried to resolve the final conflict between Farrell and Meglar in any fashion other than a face-to-face fight—in The Last Grand Master Meglar doesn’t appear personally. That lack of face time does not, however, diminish his importance.

In First Love we learn about Meglar from Queen Zenora, something we can’t do in The Last Grand Master because she died before the book opens. Yar-del and Zargon had been bitter enemies almost since the two kingdoms were founded three thousand years before the story takes place. In an attempt to end the centuries of on again off again warfare, King Falon of Zargon approached King Bren of Yar-del and suggested the two heirs, Prince Meglar and Princess Zenora, join (what marriage is called on Nendor) and unite the two kingdoms.

King Bren didn’t agree to the idea, but he allowed Meglar to court his daughter and if she was interested, he would agree. We learn in First Love that others warned Bren and Zenora not to be swayed by Meglar’s good looks and charm and look deeper, but we know that didn’t happen. For personal and political reasons, Zenora agreed to the proposal. When they had a son, Halloran, there was hope that both kingdoms would view the child as one of theirs. Lasting peace, though maybe a generation away, seemed at hand.

Meglar’s deception changed all of that. It is not clear if King Falon knew of his son’s true purpose, but as Meglar’s first action upon returning to Zargon was to kill his father, it appears Falon wasn’t privy to what his son had planned. Still, it’s hard to believe Meglar acted alone given how elaborate nature of his scheme. That is something that will be explored in the rest of the series.

As is suggested in the prequel, prior to stealing Yar-del’s Source, Meglar was handsome and charming. Given his status as crown prince of Zargon, he was one of the Seven Kingdom’s most eligible bachelors. This image is in stark contrast to dark, vicious wizard-king we meet throughout the series. One of the side goals of First Love was to try to put into context what appears to be a baffling decision by Queen Zenora to join with Meglar in the first place.

Meglar’s face was badly disfigured during his fight with Bren and Zenora when he tried to flee with the Yar-del Source. The scars never fully disappear despite Meglar’s access to healers whose skills bordered on magical. Though his injuries were the result of his malicious acts toward his wife and her family, they are thought to have played a small role in his future actions. He vowed revenge on Zenora for what she did to him, though it is hard to believe he didn’t have plans to conquer Yar-del when he plotted to steal the Source.

In addition, once he returned to Zargon, Meglar reinstated worship to Neldin. That more than anything sums up what happened to him. Neldin’s original attempt to subjugate the world was thwarted by Kel, who founded Yar-del. Conquering the symbol of the man who defeated his god was Meglar’s way of sending a message to the world that not even Kel’s heir could stop him.

Fortunately for Nendor, Farrell is not just Kel’s heir.


First Love

BLURB: Prequel to The Last Grand Master
A Champion of the Gods Story

On a visit to Yar-del with Grand Master Heminaltose to celebrate his age of majority birthday, Farrell catches the eye of Lieutenant Cameron, a handsome young officer in the Queen’s Guard. But having spent most of his life cooped up at Heminaltose’s school for wizards, Farrell is clueless as to palace intrigue. He is unaware that his access to the queen is something others would greatly prize. When the queen points out that his suitor is the son of a social climbing minor noble, Farrell must decide whether to heed the warning or meet with Cameron anyway.


    Tenth hour would take an eternity to arrive, but they both had to attend to their duties. Although Cameron seemed suitably impressed by his appointment, it didn’t improve Farrell’s mood.

He stopped himself as he started to think of ways to get out of dinner. Not going wasn’t an option. More importantly, Heminaltose only allowed Farrell brief visits to Yar-del City to see his mother. Skipping dinner meant one less chance to spend time with her. And he’d see Cameron at tenth hour.

“Boy.” The deep voice behind Farrell made him freeze.

He turned slowly but already knew who he’d find. “Master Heminaltose.”

Dressed in his formal blue-gray robe, he leaned on his white wooden staff and tilted his head to the left. “What brings you to this out-of-the-way place? And why are you just standing there?”

Farrell had been in trouble often enough to know his master suspected him of something. When he tried to answer, his mouth went dry and his tongue turned to stone.

“Well?” The older man raised his bushy white eyebrows and peered down his nose at his student. “I’m waiting for an answer.”

His euphoric mood dashed, Farrell knew better than to lie. “I came here to meet someone.”


“Yes, Master, someone.” This approach never worked, but he’d been too embarrassed to answer directly.

“Don’t treat me like a fool.”

Despite being at least an inch taller than his teacher, Farrell felt like Heminaltose towered over him.

“I’m not, Master. I… I just….” His cheeks flushed and he started to sweat. “I’d rather not say.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s private.”

“Private? You mean…?” Heminaltose jerked his head back and his eyes opened wider. “By the Six! Now? Your hormones have decided to kick in now?”

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PUBLISHER: DSP Publication

SERIES: Champion of the Gods

RELEASE DATE: 27th January 2015

LENGTH: 40 Pages


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 AUTHOR BIO: Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of nineteen years, their daughter and dog. In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day.




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