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Iowa pushed up on his elbows, his sweat-slick hair sticking to his forehead and temples. He looked too damn sexy for words. Graham’s hands tingled to touch him all over again. This wasn’t good. He needed perspective. He needed to go.

“Running?” Iowa asked.

Graham threw his legs over the side of the bed. “More like speed walking. I shouldn’t have let this happen.”

“Let it happen?” Iowa snickered. “Oh, yeah. You control all the forces of nature, Doctor. I could have said no.”

The soft caress of fingertips along his spine caused a shiver. Graham peered over his shoulder. Teasing blue eyes met his, so unlike the ones filled with painful vulnerability from before their sweaty therapy session. The man could be so fucking sweet, intelligent, curious, and funny. “Who are you, Iowa?”

“A state with a lot of corn.”

Graham stood, picked up a pillow, and threw it at Iowa, smacking him right in his smug face. “Cute.”

“You’re the one who insists on calling me that.” Iowa moved off the bed and to his feet, doing a full-body stretch.

~ Above excerpt is from Between the Lies, book one in the Club Syn series. Available NOW!

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Sensual Saturday Snippet

Club Syn 1 - Between the Lies-FINAL


“I can feel how much you want me.” Spencer took a step he thought he never would. It was time for him to be the aggressor. He spun them and pressed Graham to the wall next to the window, clasping Graham’s wrists. Graham’s head jerked up, his brown eyes wide. “Just be lost with me,” Spencer rasped, capturing Graham’s lips in a kiss full of suppressed longing and fierce lust.

Graham moaned into the kiss, his muscles flexing in Spencer’s grasp.

~ Above excerpt is from Between the Lies, book one in the Club Syn series. Available NOW!



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Between the Lies, Now Available!!


Professor Graham Darrius leads a double life, everyday he enriches the lives of students, but at night he struts the stage as Ebony Powers at Club Syn. The two personas cannot mix, which is an easy rule to follow until a sexy man from Iowa stumbles through the door.
Spencer Neil has never stepped foot into a gay bar and holy shit did he get more than he’s ever imagined. What did he know about drag queens, go-go boys and heated exchanges in dark corners? The world he lives in is academic and predictable. At least until he meets Graham, and sees that sometimes all is not what it seems.
Beneath the shock of discovery, misunderstandings, silk stockings, and wicked instruction Graham finds himself falling for Spencer and Spencer finds he’s getting a whole different kind of education.



“I knew the second I saw you that you’d be trouble,” Graham muttered.
“Why’d you come over, then?” Spencer asked without turning around.
“I have no more secrets to reveal for you, Iowa,” Graham replied.





“Just be lost with me,” Spencer rasped, capturing Graham’s lips in a kiss full of suppressed longing and fierce lust.



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Sensual Saturday at Club Syn


Club Syn 1 - Between the Lies-FINAL


So many more complications muddied the surface; warning bells clanged in his head. But the gnawing ache of lust was painful, and the simmering need in Iowa’s eyes only fed it. With a groan of defeat, he nuzzled Iowa’s neck, giving in to his cravings. He knew he shouldn’t, but much like starting the night off drinking too much top-shelf scotch, he couldn’t help but indulge in a desire that would lead to a horrible hangover of regret.
“Graham,” Iowa rasped. “Please.”
One of Iowa’s hands had found its way under his shirt, and the rough touch of those fingertips across his skin had all of Graham’s remaining reservations crumbling.

~ Above excerpt is from Between the Lies, book one in the Club Syn series.  Available April 4th!



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Sexy Saturday at Club Syn


“You’re giving off some mixed signals with your silence, hon.”

The touch of fingers along his back had him tensing with need but chained by confusion. He bit his lip to hold in whatever whimpered plea might have escaped. He’d spent years suppressing his sexual nature, so the tendency toward silence was automatic by now. It was far more difficult to make himself let out noise of any kind, much less anything intelligible.

“I may be a lot of things, but I don’t seduce unwilling men.” Ebony’s soft caress left his body, and Spencer swayed toward the touch.

“Stay,” Spencer whispered before he could rethink the word, but he knew he meant it. Whatever Ebony had to offer him, his body sure as hell wanted…needed.

The warmth of Ebony’s body caged him in the small space, like a furnace. The click of the lock being set into place had his heart speeding. What am I doing?

“And what would you have me do?” Ebony murmured, pressing close enough Spencer could feel the definite outline of a hard-on against his ass. “With you all alone in here?”

Spencer wished he’d had time to read a book on bathroom hookups, or maybe watched more porn. “I have no idea.”

~ Excerpt from Between the Lies (Club Syn, book 1)




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Flashback Friday with Firehouse Six!


These delicious men have been saving the day since Grey’s Hidden Fire came out in 2013. Now two more will be jumping in the fray to join this group of heroes. Yes, I am a tease when it comes to my guys, but will reveal that the story is Cole and Gavin. Now, as I am feeling pretty happy I will be doing a giveaway, but it comes at a creative price…to you! Your task is to leave a comment with your best pick-up lines. I will choose the most fabulous one to put in the book and give the winner a 10 dollar give card to Amazon.:) Plus, since I feel a little naughty, I’ll give them a sneak peek at Cole and Gavin’s first kiss. Keep commenting all weekend long…as many times as you’d like.

Did I forget to mention my wonderful Firehouse men won some awards?  Well, they did!  With the Love and Romance Cafe…

Driven by Fire was third for Best Book of 2015.

Lost in the Fire was tied for second for Best M/M.

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Excerpt- Firehouse Six, book 6


The jarring sound of his cell phone ringing tore into Gavin’s peaceful sleep and he squinted one eye open to stare at the bright green numbers next to his bed that reatd, two-twenty-five am. Nothing good ever happened after two o’clock in the morning. Groaning he flipped over onto his back, reaching blindly for his phone with one hand, while trying to scrub the sleep from his eyes with the other.

Yawning, he answered the blaring contraption in the middle of yawn, “’ello?”

“Can you come get me?” The voice on the other end of the line was soft, defeated.

He pulled the phone away from his ear and glanced at it, he didn’t recognize the number. “Who is this?”


Gavin blinked a couple of times, opening his eyes wider, shuffling to a seated position against his headboard. Cole Winters. A twenty-one year old bane of his existence.

“What happened to your car?” Gavin threw his legs over the side of his bed, setting his phone back on his nightstand on speaker.

“It kind of got towed.”

“And money for a cab?” Gavin snagged a shirt off the floor, sniffed it, and then pulled it on. He really needed to do laundry.

“I lost my wallet,” the sentence came out in a low murmur that Gavin barely picked up.

Gavin shook his head and jerked on his jeans before sitting down to put on his shoes with a resigned sigh. “And I was the first person you called?”


Gavin shrugged into his jacket then grabbed his wallet and keys. “Why not your brother or Aaron?”

“They’re asleep.”

“I was asleep,” Gavin snapped. Picking up the phone, he took it off speaker and stalked out of the room. “You know, like a normal person on a Thursday night after two am.”

“Please, Gavin,” Cole’s voice held a desperate quality that called out to the knight in shining armor that lived inside Gavin.

One of these days Gavin was going to find that little metal clad bastard and strangle him, because he needed to sleep and Cole was taking advantage of his weakness. There was a time for saving people and a time for letting them learn a lesson, by freezing their ass off in the chilly Northwest fall weather. Now should be a time for teaching. Stupid savior complex.

“Gavin,” Cole prodded. “I’ll owe you one.”

“You already owe me enough to buy your soul.” Gavin strode through his home and opened the door to the brisk night air. “Stop your groveling. I’m on my way. Just give me an address.”

A squeal met his answer. “You are the most awesome man I’ve never slept with.”

Gavin snorted. “Well, there’s a tagline.”

“I’m at the gas station a block from Scandal.”

“Of course you are.” Gavin unlocked his black Rav 4 and climbed in. “Isn’t it a school night?”

“No. Do you want a list of my classes…Dad?” Cole replied, sarcasm practically dripped off the last word.

“Hardy, har, har.” The engine roared to life and he backed out onto the street, making his way to save the ungrateful little twit. “I don’t want that responsibility. I’ll be there in five minutes, watch for me.”

“Yes, oh mighty one.”

Cole hung up before Gavin could get in a response. Clutching the steering wheel he counted to ten and took a deep breath. Why he let Cole get to him, he had no idea and why he continued to help him baffled him more still.

The pale yellow lights of the gas station came into view and he pulled in glancing around but no waif of an evil sleep-stealing demon ran amok in the parking lot. Instead a lump shaped Cole pushed away from the brick wall and stepped through the curtain of shadows into the light. Cole’s normally perfectly styled spiked locks were flattened and slicked back with the misting rain. His pale skin appeared even more like ivory with the sheen of water and droplets slipping from his hair along his temples. All in all, he was soaked. A grin curved Cole’s lips as he gave a little wave, seemingly undeterred by the icy shower he was in.

The man was crazy. He had to be freezing. Gavin could make out the black fabric that clung like a wet second skin, and the jeans were equally drenched. Gavin wondered if the black leather boots were filled with reservoir of water. Wow. If this was what clubbing looked like, he was happy he’d missed out.

Running a hand over his face he fought a smile, he couldn’t help the end thought that swept in. Cole did manage to look adorable, in a drowned puppy kind of way.

Excerpt from WIP- Firehouse Six, book 6 (Cole and Gavin)