Origin of the Wolf


CORY SURVAYED FROM the shadows as Jacob secured his bag and climbed on his motorcycle. Jacob snagged his helmet and covered the silver locks of hair Cory so loved. The engine roared to life but Jacob just stood frozen and Cory felt a faint glimmer of hope. Jacob couldn’t leave him again; Jacob was part of him. But his hopes were dashed as quickly as they rose, when in crushing pain he watched Jacob let up the kickstand and take off with only a trail of dust as proof he’d been there at all.

The need to curl into a ball was so intense he almost died beneath it. Oh God, he could barely breath. Jacob’s words vibrated through his numb mind.

“This isn’t over. You need protected. You’re not strong enough!”

“I’m not a child. I don’t need protection. I’m your mate. This whole time you’ve been here you’ve been giving me shit, bossing me around, pushing this mating on me, like you had some control, like you wanted to…like you wanted…”

A weary sigh had fallen from Jacob’s lips. “I can’t do my job here. It’s my duty now to find Dimitri so he can’t hurt anyone else.”

“So, you’ll just ignore a fated mate and leave?

“Yes, the fates chose poorly for you. I’m sorry, Cory.”

Those parting words alone had almost been enough to shatter him. Jacob’s remorseful expression cut deep, and his complete rejection of their mating twisted the knife.

Tears threatened to fall down his cheeks as he sunk to his knees. “Jacob.”

His lips trembled. The agony washed over him and something broke inside. The numbness in his head spread with cold fingers through his blood and into his heart. He stood on shaky limbs, his hands clenched into fists.

When Jacob returned Cory would not be the man he’d left behind. Cory would not belong to Jacob. Cory would never be his mate.

Excerpt from Origin of the Wolf, Pack of Light book three.


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Sexy Saturday Morning Coffee



Graham leaned down and traced the lip Iowa nibbled on.

Iowa’s lids flew open and he gazed at Graham, eyes filled with heat, and a bit of surprise. Running a thumb along Iowa’s jaw, Graham leaned in again, pressing his lips more firmly to the other man’s. He hadn’t kissed Iowa before and he was ready to rectify that mistake, because he craved to experience every part him.

Iowa groaned and Graham thrust his tongue in, tasting Iowa’s desperate passion, all the pent up clawing need. The raw intensity fed his until he couldn’t get enough of Iowa’s taste, his touch, the mere sensation of his tongue against Graham’s had him shuddering. From a kiss.

~ Excerpt from Between the Lies (Club Syn, book 1).




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Sexy Saturday at Club Syn


“Iowa,” Graham’s raspy voice teased, when the door behind Spencer opened. “I’m surprised you didn’t heed my warning, or were you hoping to get me alone?”

Spencer’s head dropped, he couldn’t force himself to turn, but God, his whole body throbbed at the feel of Graham’s heat so near. The spicy scent of his cologne filtered through Spencer’s aroused brain. He couldn’t get his muscles to cooperate and face his temptation.

“You’re giving off some mixed signals with your silence, hon.”

The touch of fingers along his back had him tensing with need, but chained by confusion. He bit his lip to hold in whatever whimpered plea might have escaped, after years of repressing his sexual nature.

“I may be a lot of things, but I don’t seduce unwilling men.” Graham’s soft caress left his skin and Spencer swayed toward the retreating caress.

“Stay,” Spencer whispered, before he could rethink the word, knowing he meant it. Whatever Graham had to offer him at this moment, he sure as hell wanted…needed.

The heat of Graham’s body caged him in the small space, like a furnace behind him. The click of the lock being set into place had his heart speeding. What am I doing?

~ Excerpt from Between the Lies (Club Syn, book 1).




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LGBT Halloween Blog Hop!

2015 LGBT Halloween_800x430

Happy Halloween!!!  It’s time to go out and demand perfect strangers give it up….candy people….give up candy.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  ;)  In honor of this fun, wicked, wonderful holiday I’ve picked an appropriate “Aaron” photo and a short excerpt from Lost in the Fire.  Enjoy!!


“So, show me what you enjoy doing when you’re not dancing and you’re just at home.” Wren’s gaze focused in on him.

Aaron flushed. “Sex.”

Wren laughed. “Okay, besides naked horizontal activities.”

“Killjoy.” Aaron scowled.

Wren raised his brows. “There isn’t anything you do?”

“You want me to paint your toenails?” Aaron offered. “Because if you have nail polish here, there is a whole side of you we need to talk about.”

A look bordering on horror and, to Aaron’s shock, resignation passed over Wren’s face. “Uh…I’d rather you didn’t, and I don’t.”

“No magazines. So we’re stuck with reality TV.” Aaron glanced at Wren’s TV. “Do you have cable?”

“I’m kind of wishing I didn’t about right now,” Wren muttered, grabbing the remote from the coffee table and handing it to him.

“It won’t be bad. I’ll ease you in with Project Runway, and we’ll work into RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Aaron tucked his legs under him, hiding his grin when Wren groaned.

Aaron turned on the TV and flipped through the show options until he found Project Runway. “We’ll start at the first episode of this season so you can meet all the designers.”

Wren snagged the remote. “Because that is a big concern of mine,” he said drily.

Aaron giggled and settled against Wren, patting his leg. “Just watch.”

Forty-five minutes into the first episode, Aaron bit his lip to keep from laughing when Wren muttered, “Why would you wear that? It looks like an arts-and-crafts project from a preschool.”

“It’s avant-garde,” Aaron replied.

“Is that another way of saying ugly fire hazard?”


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Wicked Reads Blog Hop

Wicked Reads

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is the fun of dressing up and getting to be someone else for a night. That is part of what I love about writing, I get to exist in another world, create new people. As an author, I get to put on a different mask every time I open my computer, depending on which word document I select. So paranormal or contemporary, I can be a shifter or a sexy fireman, but still, wicked in many ways. Below is an excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5) with a little sexy spice. Leave a comment about what you’d like your sexy significant other to dress up as this Halloween and be entered to win a free e-copy of one of my books!  Click the badge above to keep hopping along on this wicked ride!!



“Did the phone do something mean to you?” Simon’s voice shocked him.

Didn’t the man have a job? Simon seemed to always be skulking around. Wren managed to keep that question in check. Simon was dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a sparkly T-shirt that had a horizontal arrow on it that proclaimed, I get to play with his hose.

“Nice shirt,” he replied, avoiding the phone question. He had no desire to discuss his private life with the lieutenant’s lover. Though he had no clue what Aaron might have shared. Simon might know Wren and Aaron had had sex. Wren studied him for any clues, but Simon just grinned.

Simon ran his hand over the front of his shirt. “Oh, this? Yeah, Michael likes it. So long as I’m standing next to him.”

“You got that right.” Michael descended the stairs into the bay. “I see you’re ready to go to the club.” He looked less than thrilled to be going. Whether because of the venue or Simon’s attire, Wren wasn’t sure.

“Oh yeah.” Simon fairly vibrated. “It’s Angels and Demons Night. Deacon, Cole, and Taber are going to be there.”

Wren stood, tugging on his jacket and shutting his locker, dealing with his own split sides. One was telling him to tag along, and the other was yelling at him to sneak out. He’d gone to the club with the guys before; it was definitely a unique hangout for firehouse guys, but he was all right with it. Except he didn’t dance.

“You didn’t wear a costume,” Michael stated, a look of shock on his face.

Simon grinned. “I have devil horns in the truck, even a pair for Wren , or a halo if he prefers, since I intend to drag him along with us. Now get your sexy ass moving, or we won’t be able to find a place to sit that doesn’t include a cock and grabby hands.”

“Thanks for that visual.” Michael scowled.

“I’m full of fun graphic displays.” Simon began backing out of the bay. “Come on. You too, Wren.”

“Uh,” Wren filtered through his excuses, but considering he’d already been debating, the negatives skated under the surface. “See…”

“Blah, blah, blah. Bad excuse, good excuse. I don’t care.” Simon rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.” He pivoted on his heel and marched outside.

“Is he always so—” Wren started to say bossy but then thought better of implying that his lieutenant was pussy-whipped. Cock-whipped? Ugh, okay, bad images. Better to avoid that whole line of thinking.

“Pushy? Controlling? Commanding?” Michael chuckled. “Oh yeah. Just go with it.”

~ Excerpt from Lost in the Fire (Firehouse Six, book 5), available NOW!!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LMpFAX

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-lostinthefire-1893946-149.html

Loose Id: http://www.loose-id.com/firehouse-six-5-lost-in-the-fire.html

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Weekend Writing Warriors


“I can’t expect you to give me a pass or make it easy for me.” Iowa gestured toward the picture. “That man, my father, I know he loves me, but he was disappointed by my going to college, not proud. He wanted me to stay on the farm and worship each kernel as much as he did.” Iowa shook his head. “I can’t go back there. I’ll disappear, every part of who I am will disappear into those fields.”

Graham studied the tense set of Iowa’s jaw, the way he clutched the photo in desperation. There was actual fear in his eyes, pleading for understanding. Iowa had the look of a man who’d been backed into a corner and was anxiously searching for an escape.

~ Above is an excerpt from, Between the Lies, a spin-off series of Firehouse Six. :)


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